A New Way To Upgrade: Cash App Your Airline Customer Service Agents [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • 3 airline employees pocketed $283,000 for ‘upgrades’ paid by 1700 customers by directing the passengers to pay a Cash App account. That’s $167 per reservation. These were employees based in Philadelphia working for an ‘unnamed’ “national carrier headquartered in Florida,” and I wonder how upgrades on this airline could possibly average $167.

    In fact, as is often the case with mainstream reporting on (and even prosecutor understanding of) cases, upgrades weren’t the issue. Spirit Airlines agents would sell the cheapest tickets at the airport and then change date of travel and even origin/destination without charge.

  • Servers want tips, but also to do less work for them. And the faster you order, the faster you eat, the faster you leave the more tables they can ‘serve’ and earn more.

  • Disabled Passenger Forced to Drag Herself Along Aisle as Flight Attendants Looked On and Continued to Sell Snacks

  • US immigration officer refusing to process anyone not wearing a mask but doesn’t seem to understand the airborne nature of the spread, still working in the same immigration hall with everyone that’s unmasked. Do cloth masks count?

  • Unveiling of the Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah (HT: Anne Marie)

    Only in Dubai: that's one way to unveil a new hotel! Video: Hilton Dubai Palm Jumirah (IG). @MyDubai pic.twitter.com/KRJPYyIIQB

    — Aeronews (@AeronewsGlobal) September 21, 2022

  • Qantas told a passenger they couldn’t get rebooked for 12 days after their flight delay would have caused them to misconnect. Now they’re suing. But the passengers shouldn’t have sought help from Qantas to make a change to their itinerary prior to departure, better to deal with the issue at the airport. (HT: Donald W)

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