Passenger On Worst Airline In The World Attacks People, Seat And Window After Praying In The Aisles

A passenger on Pakistan International Airlines – the worst airline in the world – was deported from Dubai after September 14th’s flight PK283 from Peshawar where he attacked fellow passengers and tried to bash the aircraft’s window.

The barefoot man, who has been banned from travel on the airline, “took out his frustration on an aeroplane window, kicking it while they were in the air.” He was also seen “punching and kicking the seats” and praying.

#Watch: In a shocking incident, a passenger on a #Pakistan International Airlines (#PIA) #Peshawar to #Dubai flight created chaos midflight when he started kicking the aircraft's window, punching seats, and indulging in a brawl with the flight staff. @odysseuslahori @BushraGohar

— Mahar Naaz (@naaz_mahar) September 19, 2022

#Video: The incident appeared to begin as the passenger was seen lying flat on the narrow passage seemingly in prayer aboard the PK-283 flight. Amid tumult among the passengers, the man was forcibly made to get up and get back on his seat.

— Mahar Naaz (@naaz_mahar) September 19, 2022

The passenger was restrained to his seat in compliance with aviation regulations to prevent any escalation of the issue. Notably, in accordance with protocol, the flight's captain made contact with a #Dubai air traffic controller and sought security.

— Mahar Naaz (@naaz_mahar) September 19, 2022

The passenger was detained by security personnel as soon as the flight arrived at the airport in #Dubai.It is pertinent to mention that the incident occurred on September 14 and according to #PIA officials, the passenger concerned was blacklisted by the airline.

— Mahar Naaz (@naaz_mahar) September 19, 2022

ये पाकिस्तान की फ़्लाइट है 😂

— Dr. Shalabh Mani Tripathi (@shalabhmani) September 19, 2022

The man was enough of a threat that Pakistan International Airlines “sent a two-member team from Islamabad to bring the passenger back” to Pakistan, since the carrier was obliged to transport him when he wasn’t admitted into the U.A.E.

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