Mom Travels On Plane With Her Husband, Kids, And 22 Tinder Notifications

Doing math on a plane may get you identified as a terrorist when other passengers mistake the symbols for Arabic. And don’t watch explicit scenes in movies because other passengers can see your screen. What you do on a plane isn’t private when we’re all squeezed in close together.

One woman is going viral because her phone screen was visible to other passengers on a flight. Bored passengers look for interesting things – and a married woman’s screen was interesting enough to inspire a TikTok video. The woman, wearing a wedding ring, was traveling with her husband and her kids – and her phone showed 22 notifications from Tinder.

“Watching a girl chilling on the plane with her husband, kids, a wedding ring, and 22 Tinder notifications” and people were left very confused.

@callmekarima Maybe they have an open marriage? I am confusion (Spam @Karima ♬ She Knows – J. Cole

My own theory is that the previous time this family flew together, the husband went to sleep leaving his wife watching the kids alone. Now she’s interviewing replacements for him – or just seeking revenge.

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