Federal Aviation Intelligence Agency Makes UFOs A National Priority

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence National Intelligence Manager for Aviation has introduced a new logo and it includes a UFO.

Some observers see this change as hugely significant. After all the late Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whom Las Vegas airport is named for, said the government has been hiding details of UFOs for years (and that we’re hiding fragments of a crashed spacecraft). Former CIA Director John Brennan thinks there may be life on other planets too. NASA’s director said UFOs are real and may be aliens.

Having a flying saucer in the official logo of the Office of The Director of National Intelligence is, IMO, a portend of the future.

I think a time will come when public unambiguous scientific confirmation of the phenomena will dawn.

& it'll permeate the totality of our culture pic.twitter.com/8ErjRipJ5r

— Post Disclosure World (@PostDisclosure) September 25, 2022

1/US Govt acknowledging #UFOs exist & Earth needs to be defended or reflection of sense of humor?

National Intelligence Manager for Aviation, part of @ODNIgov, integrates intel to safeguard global air community.

Seal on website caught my attention. https://t.co/Dss26YLZm0 pic.twitter.com/saPeE02YpI

— Mark S. Zaid (@MarkSZaidEsq) September 25, 2022

To be sure, the logo of a small office doesn’t necessarily reflect the position of the entire federal government. It may not have been vetted broadly. But it does seem to reflect internal discussions and priorities within this particular aviation intelligence office.

People are getting way too excited about the ODNI NIM-A seal with its UFO because they have no real understanding of government seals or how eccentric they are once you get below the department level. These are real. https://t.co/ZWEaYVqhma pic.twitter.com/gpzqxcWm5k

— Jason Colavito (@JasonColavito) September 25, 2022

American Airlines confirmed UFO contact over New Mexico last year. Last summer the DNI Office submitted a report to Congress on what the federal government knows about unidentified aerial phenomenon. And it seems like we don’t know much. Something is out there, and we cannot explain ‘it’.

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