Spicy Flight Attendant Banned From TikTok After Hundreds Of Complaints By Crew

Flight attendant Cierra Huffman, known online to her 3.5 million followers as ‘cierra_mistt’, was kicked off of TikTok after hundreds of flight attendants around the country complained to the Chinese social media phenomenon about her videos. However it appears she has her TikTok account back.

The ex-Republic Airways crewmember, who has flown under the regional banners of American Airlines and Delta, goes online (sometimes in provocative attire) to discuss things like when to buy an airline ticket, how to get upgraded, and joining the Mile High Club in the crew rest area of widebody aircraft.

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Much of her advice is dubious at best – she spreads stupidity like buying on Tuesdays for the cheapest tickets, and assigning yourself a seat at the back of the plane to improve your chances of an upgrade.

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She’s also encouraged crew hanging out with passengers after a flight – as long as the passengers are hot.

In fact, I have a tonne of spicy stories that I could tell you about the passenger interactions I’ve personally had… but, I can’t do it on here

She’d use come-ons like ‘not being able to tell stories on the public platform’ to promote her OnlyFans, natch. Ms. Huffman began work as a Republic flight attendant in fall 2021 – and no longer works there, though says she’s an active flight attendant now for another carrier.

Apparently you can be cancelled on TikTok for bad advice, at least temporarily, if enough spiteful flight attendants get made at you.

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