Awards To All Of Europe Starting At Just 11,250 Miles For Travel Through March

Air France KLM Flying Blue offers promo awards which are specific routes discounted 25% – 50% for a month.

  • You can fly the discounted route to Paris, and include a flight beyond Paris with the discount. So you can use any of their destinations in Europe. This includes Eastern Europe like the Czech Republic, it even includes Israel and Turkey, and perhaps oddly even Libya, Tunisia and Ukraine.

  • The deals can be good enough you might want to position to the city where the discount is offered from. They are usually offered on routes that aren’t filling up, so award space can be plentiful.

  • Flying Blue used to limit how far into the future you could book these (to just two months) but the booking window is now much greater – these are available for booking in October and future travel through March 2023.

There are several U.S. routes offered this month, albeit for economy, but pricing can be seriously cheap considering that taxes and surcharges added have been reduced.

Here are the routes this month:

  • New York, Air France or KLM, from 11,250 miles
  • Chicago, Air France, from 11,250 miles
  • Miami, Air France, from 12,750 miles
  • Washington Dulles, KLM, from 12750 miles
  • Chicago, KLM, from 12,750 miles
  • Washington Dulles, Air France, from 13,125 miles
  • San Francisco, KLM, from 15,000 miles
  • Seattle, KLM, from 15,000 miles
  • San Francisco, Air France, from 15,000 miles
  • Los Angeles, Air France, from 18,000 miles
  • Seattle, Air France, from 22,125 miles

New York JFK – Istanbul is pricing at 11,250 miles plus $83,40 in taxes for instance. And Air France KLM miles are easy to get, they are a partner of all of the major bank transfer currencies.

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