European Hotels Have To Make One Big Change To Become Part Of Hyatt

Hyatt is adding adding Lindner Hotels to its portfolio converting most of the properties to the JdV brand.

JdV is a soft brand, with ‘independent’ hotels able to affiliate without making substantial changes or having a cookie cutter brand approach. Still, for European properties, that doesn’t just mean slapping new logos on the building.

Across Europe fewer than 10% of homes have air conditioning. And that was before monthly power bills became more expensive than college. Americans have a lot of Europe-envy, and tourists often don’t visit with average Europeans when they visit. (They also visit Western Europe far more than Eastern Europe.) So we don’t often realize that Europeans are, on average, poor by U.S. standards.

Since the Lindner properties have focused on a primarily European market, it’s not surprising that many of the properties aren’t air conditioned. I asked Hyatt about this – whether JdV was going to be marketing hotels without air conditioning? And the answer is no. They explain,

Air conditioning is a JdV brand standard and a portion of the Lindner branded hotels will undergo renovation prior to affiliation with the JdV by Hyatt brand.

Airbnb’s in Europe may limit air conditioning use to save electricity. Spain insists thermostats are set to 80 degrees in summer. If you want air conditioning, go stay at a Western chain hotel.

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