Passenger Drapes Her Hair Over The Seat Back Behind Her, Nearly Dips It In Coffee

On September 29, a woman flying Star Alliance airline Aegean from Athens to Amsterdam decided to let it all hang out. Her hair, that is. Sitting behind her was a food blogger with a big internet presence. So I’m not really sure she minded, for her it was content gold even if the behavior was reprehensible.

Oddly the blogger comments on the woman’s beautiful and freshly-washed hair. But it did drape down far enough that it almost grazed the coffee cup on the tray behind her. She found the whole thing ‘cute’.

@julie.b.christensen The joy of traveling. #omgjustdont #pleasedont #lol #traveletiquette ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

It’s even more of a problem when the plane has seat back video, but the hair blocks your view. Those tvs have touch screens and those aren’t being cleaned nearly as often as you’d think, too.

We all fall into one of two camps, which one are you?

  • Scissors
  • Gum

Or maybe you’re a “dip the hair in coffee” kind of passenger? I suppose the right answer is to say something, politely, or enlist crew to say something. So let’s just assume a polite request is ignored. What do you do?

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