Airbnb Hosts Cancel Bookings When Eurovision Is Announced, Airbnb Claims Not To Notice [Roundup]

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  • Eurovision song contest gets announced for May 13, and Airbnb hosts suddenly cancel their pre-existing bookings and re-list and Airbnb claims not to notice.

    Airbnb hosts are cancelling pre-existing bookings in Liverpool for the weekend Eurovision is taking place.

    Just days after confirming the song contest would take place in the city on behalf of Ukraine, people’s pre-booked accommodation has been cancelled with little explanation.

    Since the announcement was made, prices to stay in the city on the Eurovision weekend, taking place on May 13, have rocketed, with some Airbnb hosts offering accommodation for more than £10,000.

  • Why overnight shifts are the best for hotel workers.

    @kvisha.aa Best decision ever made😌#marriotthotel #marriottbonvoy #hotel #hotellife ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

  • Boeing 737 that’s been converted to a steakhouse

  • Dearborn, Michigan to Chicago on Amtrak: 19 hours

    “The toilet started overflowing and the whole train smelled like a porta-potty, is the best way I could describe it, and everything was like moving and sloshing around. It was honestly so disgusting, so unsanitary,” Pisarczyk added.

    On the route between Chelsea, MI and Jackson, MI, someone called 911 because of a medial issue. ..There were more delays in Indiana when a replacement crew had to be brought in because the crew couldn’t work longer than a 12-hour shift. On top of that, there were more mechanical issues.

    The delays were enough and passengers found a way out. They pried a door open near East Chicago, took their luggage off and waited along a busy road to get other rides into Chicago.

  • 5-minute Uber ride charged $38,800. The passenger took the ride and the charge was rejected for insufficient funds.

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