An Actual Improvement To Hilton Free Nights [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • PayPal Still Threatens $2500 Fines for Promoting “Discriminatory” “Intolerance” (Even if Not “Misinformation”)
  • The Gramercy Park Hotel has closed. Everyone seems to know it except Marriott, which still promotes the property online. Meanwhile, here are people buying stuff at the liquidation sale.

  • Hilton’s credit card free ‘weekend’ night awards are now permanently no longer limited to weekends it started as a pandemic change but has been extended indefinitely.

  • Hotel Chains Try to Break L.A. Real Estate Records With $50M-and-Up Condos

  • EPA targets lead airplane fuel, citing children living near runways (WaPo)

  • Delta works with MIT to study impact of airplane contrails on climate

  • The World’s Whitest Paint May Soon Help Cool Airplanes

    On a hot tarmac in the peak of summer, an airplane’s crew has little choice but to run the air conditioner to keep themselves and their passengers cool. But soon, crews could become less reliant on the A.C., thanks to a new lightweight, ultra-white paint that can reflect up to 97.9 percent of sunlight.

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