“My Sister Had Her Baby On American Airlines” Place Of Birth On His Birth Certificate? “In The Air”

A woman flying six weeks before the due date of her pregnancy gave birth on an American Airlines flight to the Dominican Republic. American Airlines allows travel up until the fourth week prior to a due date without a doctor’s letter.

The woman’s water broke inflight and then mere minutes later her baby was born. She named her son “Skylen” because he was born in the sky. His birth certificate will reflect his actual place of birth, too. At the end of Up In The Air, George Clooney may tell Sam Elliott, as the chief pilot of American Airlines, that he’s “from here” when he hits 10 million miles inflight. But Skylen really will be considered as being from up in the air. A child of a U.S. citizen, Skylen will be one as well.

The mother’s sister was traveling with her and shared the experience on TikTok, tagging it “this is how my vacation is going.”

@pinkangel876 this is how my vacation is going #baby #babylove #boymom #family #vacation #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dominicanrepublic ♬ Last Last – Burna Boy

According to American Airlines,

Upon landing, the customer was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. We thank our team members and medical professionals on board for their professionalism and quick action.

The mother and her son stayed in the Dominican Republic for “a few weeks” though with a doctor’s note allows for travel within the first week after birth.

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