Is a 3rd DFW Airport Finally On the Horizon? I’m Voting Yes!

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex already has two major airports, DFW Airport (DFW) and Dallas Love Field (DAL). Having two major airports sometimes confuses visitors. But, many other large cities, like Houston and New York City, also have multiple airports.

I live in McKinney, which is a suburb northeast of Dallas. For years, there have been rumors floating around that my city’s small airport will eventually have commercial flights. Much to my dismay, nothing has ever come to fruition, However, that may be about to change. A third airport in DFW appears to be gaining traction!

McKinney National Airport (TKI)

Yesterday, Mayor George Fuller announced plans to bring commercial flights to McKinney by building a terminal with 4 gates. The airport is on the far east side of town, about 15 minutes away from where I live. It already accommodates commercial jets and small airplanes.

The north side of DFW has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. When my family moved into our current house in McKinney 12 years ago, we were surrounded by fields. Now, the land has all been developed. Even the smaller towns north of us that used to be considered the boonies are growing rapidly.

Preliminary plans for the airport expansion include up to 20 flights a day and 500,000 passengers a year by 2026. The proposed terminal could handle up to 16 gates. The airport director says that multiple airlines have already expressed interest.

Of course, somebody has to foot the bill for the expansion. A bond proposal could be on the ballot next month.

Mixed Feelings from Locals

Personally, I’m in favor of the expansion, and I’ve been hoping this would happen for years. My family flies frequently, and we have to fight a lot of traffic to get to DFW and DAL airports. We could take local roads to TKI. In addition, the airport would bring in a lot of money and jobs for our city. More options in DFW would be a good thing, and I welcome the competition.

However, not all locals feel the same. On my local neighborhood social media pages, many are opposed to this airport expansion. People are concerned with increased traffic and noise, and many oppose paying higher taxes to fund this airport.

Bottom Line

Will this 3rd DFW airport finally happen? It’s too early to tell yet. But, I’m planning to vote yes!

Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash

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