Southwest Airlines Flight Imitates Scene From Airplane! (1980) [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Everyone visiting Qatar for the World Cup needs to install spyware on their phone.
  • Instead of using the do not disturb sign put a sticky note over the key card reader

  • World’s second richest man, [LVMH Head] Bernard Arnault, sells private jet so Twitter can’t track him

  • Was it just six months ago that these videos were a nearly every day occurrence? Things have been so quiet without the mask mandate.

    I would like to thank the prick flying @SouthwestAir for getting my honeymoon off to a great start. I’m sure his lawyer will hate seeing this. Staff has been great though!

    — Daniel von Seckendorff (@DannyVFilms) October 17, 2022

    I missed the first part because I had noise cancellation, but I believe the passenger was drunk. Pretty sure he took a swing at that passenger, but didn’t catch it in time on video. I could hear him after he left the plain screaming that he hadn’t had a drink at all.

    — Daniel von Seckendorff (@DannyVFilms) October 18, 2022

  • British Airways passenger strips naked, uses floor of the aircraft has his lavatory maybe just frustrated having to deal with Heathrow all summer?

  • Austin’s airport “is expecting a record-setting 21 million passengers this year. The current record stands at around 17.3 million passengers, set in 2019.” That’s 21% growth over pre-Covid, which was already on a strong growth trajectory.

  • The BWI Priority Pass restaurant on Concourse C (American, Southwest), sorry Amex-generated Priority Pass cards no food credit for you. But Chase, Citi, and Capital One folks go have a meal and then head over to the Minute Suites (pre-reserved via their app, natch).

  • Why did this…

    .@SouthwestAir + Country Music = ❤️🤠

    — Ryan Griffin (@RyanGriffinLive) October 18, 2022

    …Remind me of this?

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