Mobbed Up Firm Now Hauling Trash For Chicago Midway And O’Hare Airports [Roundup]

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  • Be careful with Zelle: Rapper Young Joc Accidentally Zelled a Stranger a Bunch of Money
  • Vail says they want affordable housing. Vail Resorts has a project to build housing for its employees. The local council approved it. But voters decided they didn’t want worker housing so the council is now seeking to eminent domain the property to prevent anything from being built citing bighorn sheep needing open space (An environmental impact report says there’s no impact on the sheep, and Vail Resorts proposed to leave 18 out of 23 acres on the site as undeveloped, open space – meanwhile large homes where the sheep graze have been approved).

  • US border officials asking detained travelers whether they’ve had an abortion

  • Some people are surprised that a company the FBI has said is controlled by the mob is now hauling garbage at the two Chicago airports but it’s (1) Chicago and (2) garbage, so the shocking thing would be if they didn’t have the business?

    Relatedly, here’s Al Capone’s connection to O’Hare airport.

  • The Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco has been linked with Hilton, Westin, and Kimpton over time. It’s been recently renamed the Beacon Grand because of Drake’s association with slavery. Yet ironically it is accused of not paying workers. So a name linked to forced unpaid labor is a problem, while actual unpaid labor on the other hand… Rules around whether workers are entitled to recover pay from a business when they aren’t paid by the contractor can be complicated, of course.

  • So this is a gate…

    @SouthwestAir your group down in Tampa have stepped it up!

    — Cory morrocco (@Corymorrocco) October 21, 2022

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