Raccoon At Philadelphia Airport Steals Candy While Passengers Wait At Retail Shop’s Self-Checkout

Employees at Philadelphia’s airport refer to the place as Filthadelphia. Birds are known to roam freely there.

It’s still surprising to just see a raccoon pop up at an OTG retail shop and help themselves to a snack while passengers are buying food at the self-checkout. Yet that’s just what happened last week, according to Vanessa Duffy’s report on Facebook.

We’ve seen a baby kangaroo hopping down the aisle of a flight in Charlotte, a monkey at the bar of an airport lounge, and a kangaroo inside an airport pharmacy. A Brown Bear once made it through airport security. And a seal and leopard have been loose on runways. But it was the intentionality this raccoon had – it’s desire for candy – that really sets it apart from other airport creatures.

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