Guests Now Say They Avoid Airbnb, Uber Tells Drivers Not To Take Left Turns [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • People say they plan to use Airbnb less, stay at hotels more.

    V interesting if survey data converts to actual behavior: less families intend to stay in short term rentals coming year, hotels back up. My guess: due to higher costs of Airbnb/Vrbo & also downstream effects of negative stories on consumer side. Fm @FamilyTravAssoc annual survey

    — Rafat Ali, Media Operator & Dad (@rafat) October 27, 2022

  • Uber will direct drivers to take fewer left turns

  • Charlotte is more mosh pit than airport, tbh. It wasn’t built for this.

    @AmericanAir The 'C' gates at CLT just now. I think you need more seats…

    — Andy U (@DropTheTap) October 27, 2022

  • Not what people think they’re buying when they pay extra for a seat assignment. Airlines advertise premium products to upsell, but often fall back on the argument that they are really just selling transportation between two points. But when they fail to deliver the things they promise – even on an implied basis – a refund and compensation should be immediate. An airline “seat” is actually a bundle of goods, not just a place to sit, and this isn’t it:

    @AmericanAir this is the broken arm rest on N61AW seat 11F. You are charging extra for this.

    — Steve Demarest (@go_demarest) October 27, 2022

  • Worth doing even if you’re already married!

    You can now take your wesding pictures at Zurich Airport on the Tarmac, in and in front of planes…a real opportunity for Aviation Freaks!!! Shame i am already married!!! ⁦@godsavethepoint⁩ ⁦@SW_AviationSpot⁩ #planespotter #airportgeeks #flyer

    — (@linnibiza) October 27, 2022

  • A stowaway fleeing Tehran died in the landing gear of a Lufthansa flight as they say, it can be easy to forget which way traffic flowed over the Berlin Wall.

  • Lufthansa bringing back A380s based out of Munich, starting with 3 in June. (They’re talking about 5 total so far, and still have 8.)

  • Thursday night’s American Airlines 908 from Buenos Aires to Miami returned to the airport after climbing to 3,000 feet after the left engine stalled. Ouch:

    American Airlines’in #AA908 sefer sayılı Miami uçuşu için, Buenos Aires Havalimanı'ndan kalkan @Boeing 777’nin, @RollsRoyce Trent 892 tipi sol motoru arızalandı ve hasarlandı. Uçak, 20 dakika sonra güvenli bir şekilde geri dönüş kararı alıp acil iniş yaptı. @AmericanAir

    — BoardingInfo (@boardinginfo) October 28, 2022

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