Spooky travel-related nightmares

In honor of Halloween, let’s talk about something fun: travel nightmares. And by this I don’t mean bad things that actually happened; I’m talking about bad dreams that are travel-themed. These two dreams are ones I remember from the past few weeks. Am I the only one who dreams about travel???

Nightmare #1: The Weird Hotel Room Changeover

In this nightmare, my family was staying at a hotel. Of course, I can’t say which hotel or exactly where it was. But, I know we were there for more than a few days because our clothes were unpacked and in the drawers.

We were using the pool until the very last minute, giving ourselves just enough time to head back to our room and change before it was time to check out. But when we returned to our room, the next occupants had already checked in and unpacked their stuff in the same drawers. They explained that they already got the key and made themselves at home.

I explained that our stuff was still in the room, and I had to go drawer by drawer and pull our stuff out. The problem was that they had already mixed their clothes in with ours, so I had to ask about certain pieces of clothing. “Is this your kid’s underwear, or mine? What about this one?”

They were just staring at us while we packed. It was super awkward and uncomfortable. Weird.

Nightmare #2: Where did all this stuff come from?

In this dream, my family was at the end of our trip. Where were we? I have no idea. But, it was time to pack up and head to the airport.

Unfortunately, when we started packing, I realized we had WAY TOO MUCH STUFF to ever fit in our suitcases. And I’m not talking about a few extra things that couldn’t fit. I’m talking about boxes and bags of stuff that we just HAD to take with us.

These extra things were sentimental things, like childhood toys, yearbooks and family photos. They weren’t things that we could just throw away or leave behind.

I was panicking. Somehow, I managed to stuff things down and get other things in bags that we could carry on. But, I still had to just leave some of our valuables behind in our hotel room. I was distraught. Ironically, my family usually packs light!

Have you had any weird travel-related nightmares recently? Share in the comments!

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

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