American Airlines Forced To Stop Codesharing With Cathay Pacific Between New York and Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific has started routing flights over Russian airspace again, after pausing the practice as a result of Western sanctions which followed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Their New York – Hong Kong flight takes a ‘polar route’ which touches the eastern part of Russia, because it’s faster and they don’t have to weight restrict flights as they do taking a longer route. Cathay Pacific is not governed by a ban from its own government, nor is it banned by the Russian government.

In view of strong headwinds and payload issues affecting our flights from the east coast of North America to Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific will be operating the polar route for flights departing from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Hong Kong.

As a result of this change, American Airlines has suspended codesharing with Cathay Pacific on its New York JFK – Hong Kong flight.

U.S. airlines can’t use Russian airspace, and that’s not just true for flights they operate but also for flights carrying their flight number. U.S. airline-coded flights cannot overfly Russian airspace. As a result, American was forced under U.S. rules to stop the codeshare.

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