Inspector Refuses License, Files Worst Hotel Review In History [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Some Thai hotels have to pay off officials via fake ‘Red Cross’ charity for approval to open
  • Free Disney t-shirt hack doesn’t work

    @heleniofficial free shirt hack at Disney World!? 🤔 #fypシ #disneyworldorlandoflorida #fyp #disneyhacksguide #disneyhacks2022 ♬ original sound – Heleni

  • Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways forces passenger with nut allergy to sign a waiver in case she died.

  • Vacationing couple finds monkey in their bed

    Mr Mills “tussled” with the monkey over the chips, which ripped the packet and spilled the contents all over the bed. He then found a long stick on the verandah and attempted to shoo the monkeys away, without success.

    “The monkeys were totally unwilling to leave and dismissive of my stick wielding threats,” he wrote in the hilarious post. “They settled in. They ate chips off the bed, checked the fridge for other treats and inspected side tables.”

  • Maybe the most disgusting hotel I’ve ever heard of

    “someone was recently deceased in Room 47 and there were blood-like stains and human and animal feces on the floor.” …Soiled and stained furniture and carpet were found stored in a tornado shelter, and extra bedding in one storage room was soiled, with evidence of vermin in the room. …Stained mattresses were found in nine rooms, and one room had no bedding at all, other than two pillows. …one room had no toilet seat and another had no shower head. ..Hotel towels were not provided to the guests

    Oh, and the “Hotel owner [was] cited for animal neglect or abuse” for duct taping his dog.

  • Spooky.

    @SouthwestAir Happy Halloween 🎃

    — Clatrice Smith (@MrsSmith7911) October 29, 2022

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