Just 1000 Of Your Miles Can Help Ensure No One Dies Alone

Have a few spare United Airlines miles? They could make a difference in the last moments of someone’s life. The miles sitting in your account can bring someone comfort, and bring family together with their loved ones before it’s too late.

I joined the board of Give A Mile which uses donated miles for trips of compassion. They are currently raising United Airlines MileagePlus miles to provide flights to people to spend the last days with a loved one. And if you’ll chip in a few miles, I’ll match them. I’ve already donated to this campaign. I’ll do more, and I’d appreciate your help.

  • Match amount: Up to 100,000 miles. My United balance is a bit light right now. But if you’re really generous I’ll go higher, thanks to Chase and Bilt transfers. Of course!

  • Duration: 5 days starting today.

  • Goal: Give A Mile has 3 weeks left to raise a million miles in this campaign. We’re on our way but really need help to get there.

This hobby has done so much for me, and for many of you too. We’re very fortunate and have an opportunity to give back. There aren’t enough things we can do where a small charity with little overhead connects directly with people in need, where our miles can directly make a difference.

Give A Mile doesn’t ‘convert miles into money at a low rate’ like some charities. The group literally accepts donations of miles and redeems them for flights of compassion, bringing together people with their loved ones as they’re about to pass away, for last moments holding each other and looking into each others’ eyes – the kinds of life moments that cannot ever be recaptured, and an opportunity to ensure that people do not die alone.

You can donate as few as 1,000 miles or as many as half a million miles. If you’re in a position to help, I’d appreciate it, and the impact of your miles will be doubled.

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