TOMORROW: A Bunch Of Bloggers Are Pulling A Crazy Stunt For Charity

Several travel bloggers and frequent flyers are going to pull a crazy stunt tomorrow to raise money for charity. They’re helping to bring awareness and support for Give Kids The World, a charity that fulfills the wishes of dying children to experience Disney World. They have their own Disney resort property, with on-property character visits, and even rides right at the accommodation specifically designed for kids who aren’t able to go from their room to the park.

The group includes, among others:

  • Ed Pizzarello: from Pizza in Motion and the Miles To Go podcast.

  • Summer Hull:, Mommy Points from The Points Guy

  • Richard Kerr: from Bilt Rewards, formerly founder of the AwardTravel101 Facebook group, AwardWallet, and The Points Guy

Here’s their plan: ride every Disney ride in a single, 18 hour day. That’s 53 rides and over 20 miles of walking and running.

When they they did last year there were fewer rides and they made it through 41 in a single day. When it looked like the fundraising effort had topped out, I made a donation to put them over the top towards their goal. They wound up raising more. And since they went over $20,000 last year, they are trying to raise $50,000 this year.

  • Here’s Ed Pizza’s donation link
  • Here’s Summer Hull’s donation link

Some people plan to donate on a ‘per ride’ basis e.g. $1, $10, or $20 per ride they actually complete in the challenge. Others will donate flat amounts. Honestly I hadn’t heard of Give Kids The World before this group started raising money for them, and I’ve given, so they’re doing more than they could if they just wrote checks (well, entered their credit card numbers) themselves. I can’t imagine doing multiple parks and dozens of rides in a single day though.

For those of you who itemize, donations are tax-deductible unlike when you donate miles to a worthy cause.

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