Thank You For Your Help Through The Weekend

Thank you so much for your help! Over the weekend I asked for help raising United miles for Give A Mile, which uses donated miles to help people spend the last days of life with a loved one. I offered a match for donations.

Over the course of that match, the Give A Mile campaign went from having raised 218,000 miles to 600,000 miles on its quest to raise one million miles. That’s incredibly generous. There’s still two weeks left to help them reach their goal.

Give A Mile accepts donations of miles and redeems them for flights of compassion, bringing together people with their loved ones as they’re about to pass away, for last moments holding each other and looking into each others’ eyes – the kinds of life moments that cannot ever be recaptured, and an opportunity to ensure that people do not die alone.

I really appreciate the generosity of more than 100 people that have donated to this campaign so far. Thank you!

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