Man Sits Down In The Aisle To Tell Passengers How Flight Crew Is Refusing Him Water

A passenger who shouted vulgarities at cabin crew on a Singapore Airlines flight was handed over to police. According to the airline the altercation began when crew refused to serve the man alcohol. It’s not only in the U.S. where passengers melt down over alcohol. (HT: David H)

The man can be seen in a TikTok video making the rounds broadly dropping F-bombs and mockingly asking the Singapore flight attendant for “water, agua!” as though using Spanish is going to help clarify matters, and also mocking the manner in which Asian crew speak. I won’t embed the TikTok because of the NSFW language but you can watch it here if you wish. Here’s a version that has the NSFW language bleeped:

I found more interesting this less-watched video of Singapore Airlines flight SQ711 from Bangkok to Singapore where the man sits down with crossed legs in the cabin, talking to other passengers about the incident while seeming (to me, at least) to be intoxicated.

Wonderful inflight entertainment on @SingaporeAir SQ711 today, courtesy of a man-child who was unhappy about the service. He was escorted off the plane upon landing.

— Robert Stacy (@visualwhiplash) November 8, 2022

According to Singapore Airlines,

After his multiple requests… our cabin crew assessed the situation and politely declined to serve him alcohol to ensure the safety of the other customers. The safety of our customers and staff is always our top priority. SIA apologises to all customers on board the flight for the inconvenience caused by this incident.

In the linked TikTok video the man is actually given a bottle of water by crew before he’s led off the aircraft by officers. Singapore Airlines isn’t Spirit, where you have to buy water. But you do have to be sober and respectful.

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