Taylor Swift Tour Creates Crazy High Hotel Prices

I plan (hope!) to buy tickets to Taylor Swift’s 2023 tour, The Eras Tour, next week for a Christmas present. As I mentioned last week, I hope to get these tickets during the Capital One pre-sale.

Since the tour dates were announced, I’ve read some pretty crazy stories about people rescheduling their wedding dates to accommodate this tour. Some hotels have canceled bridal party wedding rooms in order to jack up the price for Taylor Swift fans (see this post on TPG).

The concert venue in DFW is about an hour away from my house. Though that isn’t very far, I thought it might be fun to create a mini-getaway by staying overnight in a nearby hotel.

Live! by Loews

The closest (and nicest) hotel to the concert venue in Arlington, TX is the Live! by Loews hotel. It’s a fairly new hotel with views of the stadium. It has an infinity pool, rooftop terrace and a pool bar. The hotel is within walking distance to the stadium as well as the Texas Live entertainment district.

On a “normal” Saturday night, rooms at Live! by Loews start at ~$300/night. It’s a bit expensive, but it really does appear to be the nicest and most convenient hotel in the area.

With that in mind, I looked to see what the rate would be if we stayed here the night of the Taylor Swift concert. I was sure there would be a premium price, but I still wasn’t quite prepared.

There is a 2-night minimum stay required (as there is for most events at the stadium). A stay in the cheapest room at the hotel is more than $2500!

Seriously, who pays this? This is even more expensive than the rates during a Dallas Cowboys game.

Let me be clear: There is no way I would ever pay this much to stay at that hotel for the Taylor Swift concert. I could spend that same amount for a 7-night cruise for 2 and get so much more out of it. Plus, there’s a Hyatt Place not too far away for 8000 points.

Bottom Line

This is a prime example of how supply and demand affects hotel prices. I mean seriously, yikes!

Just in case I do score tickets to the concert and we do feel like staying the night, I went ahead and booked a room at the nearby Hyatt Place Dallas/Arlington for 8000 points. There was no two-night minimum. If I didn’t have Hyatt points (transferred from my stash of Chase Ultimate Rewards), guess what the cash price would be for that room at the Hyatt Place?

Over $750! Bonkers! (Thank you, miles and points!)

Has anyone else looked at hotel prices around the Taylor Swift tour dates?


Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

How does my family travel so much? We use miles and points from credit card bonuses. See my Travel Hacking 101 post as well as current credit card offers here.

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