Bullet Pierces Cabin Of Middle East Airline Plane As It Lands In Beirut

SkyTeam member Middle East Airlines had a bullet pierce an Airbus A320 that was landing in Beirut after a short 40 minute flight from Amman, Jordan.

The bullet pierced the fuselage of the aircraft before it landed on Beirut’s runway 16. It’s not believed to have been intentional or involved terrorism – careless gunfire near the airport hits several parked planes there each year, though it’s the first moving aircraft I’m aware of that was hit.

بدل صباح الخير صار لازم نقول لبعض الحمدالله على السلامة #لبنان السلاح المتفلت والرصاص الطايش لازم ينوضعلو حدالتفاصيل الليلة مع مرسال غانم الساعة ١٠ @mtvlebanon @sarelwa2et https://t.co/rPvcAnlMVI pic.twitter.com/s6nggvxpyl

— بولا يعقوبيان (@PaulaYacoubian) November 10, 2022

Beirut-based Middle East Airlines is owned by Lebanon’s Central Bank. The country is undergoing one of the worst economic crises in the world. Once “the Paris of the Middle East” it’s a shame that incidents like this aren’t surprising there any longer.

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