TSA Had One Job. Twenty One Years Later, It Failed.

9/11 hijackers used boxcutters. TSA was created to stop future 9/11s. They search wheelchair-bound grandmothers, steal from passengers, and light billions of dollars on fire each year – all while admitting in court that they see zero active threats to defend against.

But when passengers actually bring boxcutters to the checkpoint? Yeah, they got through and a Frontier Airlines flight had to divert after one was being used by an unruly passenger.

Frontier flight 1761 took off from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport at around 7:20p.m on Friday and was en route to Tampa when the crew declared an emergency.

The plane was then “diverted to Atlanta after a passenger on board the aircraft was observed in possession of a box cutter,” according to a statement from the airline shared with NBC News.

involving a disruptive passenger, in possession of a box cutter was declared. The cockpit was secure and passengers were deplaned in ATL. FBI and Atlanta Police Department responded to the incident, took the suspect into custody and the flight was canceled. (2/6)

— TSA_SouthWest (@Tsa_SouthWest) November 12, 2022

Following a search of the suspect, a second box cutter was discovered in the passenger’s carry-on.

TSA takes its role in transportation security very seriously. (3/6)

— TSA_SouthWest (@Tsa_SouthWest) November 12, 2022

In multiple government tests over 90% of contraband has gotten through checkpoints. And the TSA, each time, claims that it’s simply the result of ‘a few bad apples who in no way reflect the good work done by its employees, day after day.’

(HT: @KerrPoints)

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