Flavor Flav Becomes Spirit Airlines Public Enemy After Unloading On Gate Agent

Yeah, boyeeeeee! Flaorva Flav lost it at the Las Vegas airport on Thursday night after missing his Spirit Airlines flight to Detroit.

Sixty three year old William Drayton, Jr. became a public enemy of Spirit Airlines after the doors were closed before he could get onto the aircraft. And he was captured on video unloading on the gate agent with some salty language.

Flavor Flav shares with TMZ,

Spirit Airlines shut the door on me while I was in line to board. I was upset and said some harsh words to the gate agent. I apologize to those who witnessed me acting out of character. I do not apologize to Spirit Airlines or the gate agent.

Flav’s people are spinning two separate (and, I think, mutually exclusive) stories about what happened.

  • Flav was “working on his laptop and chatting on the phone — basically, preoccupied” and noticed the boarding door close. He was right there, went up to the gate, but they wouldn’t open the door.

  • Flav was doing a public service, he “waits to board after everyone else because people want to take pictures with him … and he doesn’t want to hold up” the jet bridge. He was just trying to be a good passenger, in pursuit of an on time departure for everyone.

According to people in the rapper’s camp, Spirit “actually did reopen the door to let other passengers in…but closed it again on Flav and 2 other people.” That’s meant to sound, I think, like Spirit was singling him out for poor treatment. In fact it just underscores how late he was – they’d closed the boarding door, re-opened it for passengers and he still wasn’t boarding. So when he came up to the gate it was genuinely too late.

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