Southwest Pilot Dangles Out The Cockpit, Arms Stretched, Trying To Reach Passenger’s Phone

It’s almost a dramatic cliche’. The hero leans over a cliff with arms stretched out, hanging onto someone dangling over the side. There are either dangerous rocks or a fast-racing body of water below. They slowly slip down. The camera zooms in on their fingers – will they fall, creating a dramatic turning point in the film? Or will they be saved, establishing the hero and giving all the characters new resolve?

Something similarly dramatic happened at the Long Beach airport. A Southwest Airlines passenger had left their phone behind in the gate area. They’d already boarded their flight, and the plane had pushed back. A gate agent worked to get the phone down to the ramp. A ramp worker brought it out to the aircraft. They weren’t going to open the aircraft door. Instead, the pilot opened the cockpit window and leaned out. Stretched as far as he could out the window, the ramper jumped as high as he could to pass off the phone. Success!

When our Employees at @LGBairport noticed a Customer's phone left behind in a gate area after a flight that was already boarded and pushed back from the gate, they didn't hesitate. #WorldKindnessDay

— Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) November 13, 2022

Not for nothing but the crew risked an exact on-time departure (“D0”) to get the passenger their phone. A certain other airline I know would never.

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