Here Are 5 Travel Questions You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Things that make you go hmm.

  • How come flight attendants have to pick up the cups they serve drinks in prior to takeoff, but they let me keep the Starbucks coffee I brought on board myself?

  • If Delta, United, and American award points as a multiple of the price paid for your ticket, why do they call those points ‘miles’?

  • If liquids are so dangerous, why are they tossed together in a bin next to the security checkpoint instead of dealt with by a hazmat team?

  • Why don’t airlines who base elite status on revenue give credit for tickets purchased but not flown?

  • Why do rental car companies have to cable ALL of a vehicles keys together? If you lose one key this way you lose them all. Whose pocket exactly are these supposed to fit in?

  • I might as well add, echoing Gallagher, “why do we drive on parkways, and park in driveways?”

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