The Capital One Pre-sale did not work out for me….womp womp

So yesterday was the big day for Taylor Swift fans who were planning to buy pre-sale tickets with their Capital One credit cards. The sale was actually moved from Tuesday to Wednesday based on traffic overwhelming the system from the verified fan pre-sale.

I was so ready for the sale. I made sure my credit card was already loaded into my Ticketmaster and SeatGeek accounts (SeatGreek was assigned to the Dallas venue). At 1:45, I got onto the pre-sale website and waited to refresh just before 2:00.

I got into the queue right away, and I was hopeful. Unfortunately, about 50 minutes later, my screen refreshed with a message that said the Capital One pre-sale was sold out. I was so disappointed.

So, I will be back online tomorrow morning to try for the public sale. Taylor Swift has 3 shows in Dallas, and the stadium holds 90k people. Surely I’ve got a chance. My daughter would be so thrilled with this as a Christmas present.

Did anyone else have luck with the Capital One pre-sale for Taylor Swift tickets?

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

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