Dating Advice: How To Meet Rich Men In The Airport

A social media life coach offers advice on “how to meet rich men.” Their solution is to go to the airport with plenty of time to kill, and instead of buying snacks buy a day pass for a United Club. The cost of the access can be amortized across free food and drink, and it’s a target-rich environment.

Of course United Clubs, when full, often don’t sell day passes (or accept the passes issued by Chase for credit card customers).

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I’ve been married for nearly 20 years, so I missed an entire generation of swiping left and right. My best advice is that marriage is a 50 year conversation, so choose the person you’ll never want to stop talking to.

If your criteria is income-based, you can do worse than meet someone while traveling. Airline passengers skew higher-income. And on the whole passengers with lounge access may be higher income than those without it. They or their employer is spending discretionary money for access, or the traveler has a premium credit card.

Still, airline lounges aren’t the exclusive domain that those without access may think they are. And United Clubs don’t afford the level of exclusivity you might find in their Polaris lounge, in American Airlines Flagship Dining, or in the Qantas First lounge at LAX (which at least requires oneworld emerald status, if not an actual first class ticket).

Ironically, perhaps, I’ve actually seen more proposals and weddings involving Southwest Airlines than other domestic U.S. carriers. So maybe it’s all about LUV, and the serendipity of whom you’re sitting next to (or, more likely, that someone who finds you attractive purposely sits down next to you – a side effect of their open seating for better or worse).

(HT: Hemal G. who writes, “I think this person vastly overestimates the dating pool at United Clubs”)

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