Hyatt Place To Guests: We RENOUNCE Daily Housekeeping

Hotels stopped providing daily housekeeping during the pandemic, ostensibly because people cared less about sanitary conditions didn’t want other people in their rooms who might spread Covid-19 to them.

But as service returned to normal, they’ve done everything possible to keep the cost savings of having fewer housekeepers on staff and from not using as many cleaning supplies. That means not offering housekeeping during each day of a stay, offering it only ‘on request,’ and only offering limited service when they do offer it at all (like taking out the trash, replacing towels that aren’t hung back up on racks, making the bed but not changing sheets).

Chains have housekeeping standards for their properties, which include offering more service than they did at the depths of the pandemic, but that also offer a lot more leeway in not providing it. And some hotels take them up on these opportunities, though I’m not sure I’ve seen quite an aggressive stance, though, as the one taken by the Hyatt Place Frankfurt Airport.

This hotel actually says they renounce daily housekeeping. They do this for sustainability. But if you “still want to have” your room cleaned, even after being shamed over it, you can contact the property to ask for it.

If you don’t care about the environment, and are happy with Greta Thunberg scolding you for the rest of your days, then you can have your room serviced.

Though I’d point out that while the hotel says their housekeeping cost cuts are for ‘sustainability’ they merely imply that this is sustainability of the planet, when in fact it’s for sustainability of their P&L sheet.

(HT: Ryan C)

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