Woman Finds A Condom In Her Checked Bag, Is She Entitled To Compensation?

A woman took to social media to talk about the condom that her mother found in her checked bag after a flight on American Airlines. She says that her mother “felt super violated.”

My first thought was why does she think an American Airlines employee did it? After all, TSA is most likely to open your luggage after it’s been checked. The woman says that isn’t possible – because TSA always puts a slip of paper in your bag saying they’ve opened it, and there was no slip of paper. And clearly a TSA employee putting a condom in someone’s luggage is going to follow proper procedure to the letter.

Hey #AmericanAirlines this is not ok. #americanair @AmericanAir pic.twitter.com/3Mv4V8WdPj

— Jordan Wessel (@JordCanova) November 17, 2022

The woman says American Airlines offered that there’s really nothing they can do about the condom placed in her mother’s luggage. Is that right? Is this woman due compensation? Or do you think the woman had a condom in her bag, or accidentally put it in her bag, and is embarrassed and came up with the story, “American Airlines did it?”

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