Is A Luggage Tag Saying You Use An AirTag As Good As Using AirTags?

Scott asks for “thoughts on these sorts of labels for ‘high-value’ items that need to be checked?” They’re luggage tags that say your bag has an Airtag inside.

For high value items, just write “STEAL FROM THIS BAG” on your tag instead of identifying its contents? As for advertising use of Airtags, two schools of thought.

  • the value is in being surreptitious, that way thieves don’t know to remove tracking

  • put the tag on the bag, then you don’t even need the Airtag. It’s like putting up a home alarm and video camera sign to warn off thieves – rather than actually installing a camera and alarm. Not unlike this old (and I assume somewhat apocryphal) Bob Crandall story:

  • As for the value of Airtags more generally, I suppose on an expected value basis they’re not worth the cost and hassle (lost luggage, especially that isn’t returned reasonably promptly, is reasonably rare) but they do help along some dimension, so if the contents truly would be damaging to lose then it’s worthwhile.

    A couple of ago a photographer tracked down his bags, which were taken at baggage claim with the chase ultimately taking him to a Miami home at 1 a.m. It used to be much harder to catch baggage thiefs, usually relying only on their own stupidity to unearth them – like when a TSA screener got caught stealing a CNN camera when he tried to sell it on eBay. He got caught because he forgot to remove some of the CNN stickers before the sale, and argued that TSA culture not only permitted but even encouraged baggage theft.

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