Brazil Brings Back Air Travel Mask Mandate

Brazil is bringing back its air travel mask mandate. They say a surge in Covid-19 cases makes this urgent, but the rule isn’t going into effect right away. It starts Friday, November 25. Paper masks will be permitted as long as they are two-ply in airports and inflight, and there will be no limits placed on inflight service.

I’d point out,

  • Masks that meet the rules likely do little to stop spread. They aren’t requiring N95 (or better) masking. Level 3 procedure masks are likely ineffective against faster-spreading variants. People can take off their masks to eat and drink. In fact, masks aren’t required while in airport food courts.

  • Most Brazilians don’t fly, and most spread isn’t on planes. So this has little effect over the course of the virus, even if P100 masks were required.

  • The country is not requiring masks in restaurants and bars as people gather to watch the World Cup.

Acrylic and plastic masks won’t be allowed. Neither will bandanas or masks with valves.

Meanwhile, a transportation mask mandate is effectively Spain’s only remain Covid precaution, and Iberia is calling for it to end. Passengers are booking away from Iberia and avoiding Madrid connections for transatlantic travel, or are surprised when they board and learn of the mandate.

(HT: One Mile at a Time)

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