A French Bulldog Got Lost On A Southwest Flight While Its Owner Was Sleeping

Airlines have generally cracked down on their role as modern Noah’s Arks, since there’s paperwork and advance planning now in bringing on board ’emotional support animals’. That’s limited the number of oversized and exotic animals on planes, but some emotional support animals remain – and passengers have always been able to (pay to) bring on a capacity-controlled number of animals that fit in carriers underneath the seat.

A passenger’s pet is supposed to remain under their control and not come out of the carrier inflight. Some crews enforce that more aggressively than others. And on a recent Southwest flight, one French bulldog came out – and wandered around the aircraft.

This went on long enough, and the bulldog made it far enough around the aircraft, that flight attendants made an announcement asking whose dog it was? And nobody answered. Eventually, it turned out, that the dog wandered away while its owner was asleep inflight.

This is hysterical! On my @SouthwestAir flight a #frenchbulldog was roaming the aisles. Despite flight attendant announcements, no one was claiming him. Finally, his owner woke up from a nap and we were directing this pup back to his seat🤣 pic.twitter.com/GXpupPe9qS

— Amanda Dukes (@AmandaDukesWESH) November 23, 2022

The incident was filmed by passenger Amanda Dukes, a reporter at the local NBC affiliate TV station in Orlando, on her flight this week to St. Louis.

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