Marriott Calls The Cops On Guest Who Asked For Elite Benefits

Marriott Bonvoy offers breakfast to Platinum members, but the benefit is confusing. At Courtyard hotels in North America and Europe it’s actually a choice between 500 points (total for the stay) or a $10 food and beverage credit (x2 for two guests registered to the room) that can be used any time of day – not just in the morning.

But as I’ve documented extensively, hotels seem to do what they want with impunity, published benefits of the Bonvoy program notwithstanding. One customer found this out when the hotel called the cops after they asked for their $10 credit – and when it was refused they invoked Marriott’s guarantee of $50 cash for having the benefit denied.

Platinum, stayed 1 night at a Courtyard in North America. Breakfast was closed. Morning of check out, asked if I could use $10pp F&B amenity on grab-and-go from the pantry. Agent initially says yes but when I come down later and get the food, man (didn’t identify himself but supervisor I’m guessing) comes out and says no, you have to pay.

Point out the elite amenity on Marriott website, supervisor says no. I point out that goes against the elite welcome gift guarantee, supervisor says take it up with Marriott, but you have to pay otherwise you can deal with the police for shoplifting.

I ask if he is the general manager since I would like to speak to the GM. Man says, now you’re making threats so I am calling the police, picks up the phone and starts dialing. I leave and say you are free to charge my card. Later receive a updated folio with the additional F&B charge.

The phenomenon of having your program benefits denied by a hotel is often called being “Bonvoyed” because it’s so common. Here, taking what you’re entitled to is called “shoplifting.”

Marriott hotels just ignore elite breakfast benefits with impunity and will continue to do so until Marriott does something about it. Even before the pandemic I described understanding the Marriott breakfast rules as “like something out of a Fellini film.” At Courtyards, apparently, it’s something that takes the police to sort out.

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