Passenger Salutes Hitler, Calls For Race War Before American Airlines Flight To Dallas

At the start of boarding of an American Airlines flight from Seattle to Dallas – Fort Worth, a passenger at SeaTac airport’s gate D10 took advantage of the opportunity of a full flight of passengers to declare his allegiance to Adolf Hitler and plead for the start of a race war.

The man offers a Nazi salute, yelling “sieg heil!” and “heil Hilter!” before offering his recommended course of action while leaning on a rollaboard bag.

There’s not safe for work language in this video, even Hitler allegiance aside.

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Just another day of air travel. So maybe what’s most striking about the incident is that American Airlines was boarding group 8 when this happened – so he was either on a basic economy fare, or triggered by needing to gate check his carry on. That, and that an American Airlines agent is on a walkie talking reporting the incident but seems otherwise unphased.

Update: This occurred on November 20, and the passenger was arrested:

— Ari Hoffman (@thehoffather) November 25, 2022

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