Sexual Harassment At The TSA Checkpoint

Passengers are forced to go through screening at airport checkpoints. TSA even calls their screeners officers, and the procedure is conducted under color of law. So government screeners hitting on women at the checkpoint is beyond inappropriate. It’s a civil rights violation, since passengers are forced to acquiesce to it.

“When he came back, he was holding my ID and a yellow post it note,” she added. “He started writing down my personal information, including my home address and then he handed me a business card with his cell number and personal email. He then told me ‘I’m looking and maybe I’ll see you on your way back.’”

…Weisman claims the harassment didn’t stop there because after she walked through a body scanner, a second male TSA officer told her that she needed to go through it again and make sure that she pulled up her pants higher.

“At this point, there were tears coming out of my eyes and I was shaking,” she explained. “And he said, ‘it’s not like I asked you to take them off ,’ and then he started laughing.”

“When I came through the second time, the female agent who was supposed to do a pat down rolled her eyes and said, ‘you got flagged so they could look closer at your groin.”

Several women I’ve known have consistently been pulled aside for ‘extra screening’. Remember when Denver TSA colluded with each other so same-sex screeners could fondle passengers they thought were attractive?

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