Pet Peeve: Why Can’t Hotels Set Alarm Clocks Properly?

Reader Jeff writes,

[F]or all of the high-end hotels I stay in all over the world, why is it that so many of them can’t figure out how to set the right time on the room alarm clock?

I’m staying in the JW Marriott in Mexico City, and the clock is an hour off and nobody here knows how to set it.

And even worse is when they leave the alarm set to go off at some stupid hour, and we don’t think to check that and change it before we go to sleep.

For $400 a night and up you would think they would figure that out.

Being woken up in the middle of the night during your hotel stay is a huge fail, since fundamentally the basic thing you’re paying for is a night’s sleep!

Many of you will say “always check the alarm clock before you go to sleep, to make sure it isn’t on” but most people don’t, many of you will forgot, and that should be a basic item that the hotel takes care of because it shouldn’t be on to begin with unless you turn it on.

A simple item for a rooms task list is check that the alarm is turned off. And once you add that to the list, it’s easy to add “check that the time on the clock is right,” too. 

Full service hotels don’t just have housekeeping service rooms, they have a housekeeping manager go in and check the room and sign off on it before turning it over.  Someone should be looking for this, since an alarm going off in the middle of the night is such a simple thing that ruins a stay. And yet so few hotels seem to bother. This isn’t even a pandemic cut. It has been a known issue for many years.

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