The Seattle Airport Nazi Was Arrested, Will He Now Get Help?

On November 20, a passenger at Seattle Tacoma International Airport’s gate D10 took advantage of the opportunity of a full flight of passengers to declare his allegiance to Adolf Hitler and plead for the start of a race war, yelling “sieg heil!” and “heil Hilter!” The man was arrested and held on psychiatric grounds.

Naturally the internet found him and doxxed him, but it turns out in a fairly sympathetic way. Here’s a man that’s both unwell and alone, and crying out for help on social media even as he rants about Jews and other forces in the world that he blames for his struggles (mein kampf..).

For instance, the man clears up the record on why Hitler was misunderstood.

He founded his own political party, the Christian Workers Party, which calls for socialism and revolution – and his manifesto explains that he has exposed himself in Seattle to approximately 50,000 people and was being mind controlled to show his manhood to hot women. The man seems both unwell and… ideologically confused.

#revolution black lives matter is marxist- bukhanist anarcho communist reverse racist republican spaniard types Franco and the nationalist were the good guys don't support people who obesess over racism all day we need a Christian Workers revolution all people are opressed

— Nicholas Edward Letney (@NicholasELetney) January 12, 2022

Trump is such a dumb tiny dick jew

— Nicholas Edward Letney (@NicholasELetney) January 12, 2022

He wrote a book, his own History Of The World.

It is the most dense history of the world ever. Read this book 10 times and become smarter than a Harvard PHD in History. It is 210 History books that iI have read Paraphrased into 1 book. Since e 2013 i have read 210 History books. Refer to the Notes to see the books that i read. I wanted to prove I had read the books. I would read 8 hours a day every day for years. Was the size of the book was similar to profiles in courage but was better than that book. It’s like a college textbook no filler or anyalsis or political talk just the paraphrased facts from the 210 history books I read. Went into the nazis in 3 pages in the book was mostly about ancient greece ancient rome the middle ages and the enlightenment era that was most of the book so please buy this book. This is volume 1 volume 2 will be my disertation for my phd. But a 500 page book from yale may have 10 facts ( of course 500 page books from yale are good,; I am not criticizing them) in the rest is filler, where a college textbook has hundreds of facts in it. It was more similar to college textbook

Perhaps this gets at the root of his issues?

I don't have enough money I am very poor. I would leave seattle if I could! I have only had sex 3 times my whole never had a girlfriend haven't had sex in 9 years! only had 4 aquaintences my whole life! Can you make me a dictator

— Nicholas Edward Letney (@NicholasELetney) January 12, 2022

Here’s a sympathetic discussion that summarizes what’s been learned about the man who disrupted boarding of that American Airlines flight to Dallas.

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This wasn’t a sudden breakdown. It’s a man who has been unwell for some time, and for whom it took showing up at the airport and saluting Hitler to get any attention at all. He lives in Seattle, so exposing himself to tens of thousands of people doesn’t attract attention. That’s just a Tuesday. He needed to disrupt a flight’s boarding, and have law enforcement called by American Airlines. It remains to be seen whether this leads to an intervention of any sort, or whether he’ll be left to write volume two of his magnum opus.

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