TBH, I’m underwhelmed with Black Friday/Cyber Monday travel deals

I was really hoping to post about some great, unbelievable travel deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Almost every single hotel brand/airline/cruise line has their own “biggest sale ever” going on. See this list on TPG.

Some of those sales SOUND amazing. Especially the Norwegian Cruise Line sale with BOGO free for 2nd passenger. But, I’ve run the numbers, and there is no deal to be had. I’ve been pricing a few cruises on NCL, and guess what? The price is magically the same with and without the deal. The first passenger price is just jacked way up for this “promo”.

I looked on Booking.com, which advertises 30% off select stays. Of course, the hotels/locations I need are not included.

Call me a cynic. Bah humbug.

But, I did book a few things that were on sale.

Deals I Jumped On

As I mentioned in a post last week, I did buy my AARP membership for the travel discounts for just $15 for 5 years after my Capital One shopping portal discount.

I purchased several excursions for multiple Royal Caribbean cruises at 35% off the Friday before Thanksgiving. I booked one excursion at 30% off during the Black Friday sale, as well as internet surf and stream for $13.99/day.

But that’s it! I’m underwhelmed, at least on the travel side of things.

Have you been able to take advantage of any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on travel?

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