Lufthansa Pay Out Millions For Refusing To Transport Jews [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Hyatt acquiring Dream Hotel Group. Doesn’t really address their need to scale – it’s only 12 hotels (some managed, some franchised) and a 24 property pipeline. And it costs them $125 million for a $12 million revenue stream (plus additional revenue attached to the pipeline, at a further cost of up to $175 million). The purchase includes Dream Hotels, Unscripted Hotels, and Chatwal (which is quite nice).

    Dream Hotel Group properties are known for their vibrant dining and nightlife experiences including hotspot restaurants, lavish entertainment venues and exclusive night clubs built on strategic collaborations with innovative and award-winning industry leaders. The acquisition will extend Hyatt’s brand footprint in key markets, including Nashville, Hollywood, South Beach, Durham, several locations in New York City and one in the Catskills. Signed contracts represent additional strategic destinations including Las Vegas, Saint Lucia and Doha.

  • After Lufthansa refused to fly Jews off of a New York – Frankfurt flight to their final destinations (with an employee explaining they were being lumped with problematic passengers because they were Jewish) the airline is paying out $20,000 per passenger (net of legal fees, each receives $17,400).

  • JetBlue has hired a pilot who spent 9 years in prison for breaking into the home of a judge and attacking his daughter. He is reportedly on probation.

  • What happened when a 94-year-old former flight attendant saw a photo of herself at the airport

  • Nancy Pelosi uses an American Airlines credit card and has since 2014 (when it was a US Airways card). A surprising choice if you think of her as based in San Francisco, but they’re the number one carrier at Washington’s close-in National Airport. She’s worth nine figures but still likes her miles. (HT: H.G.)

  • Chase froze accounts of customer who made deposit without endorsing the check

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