5 Reasons My Family Eats at McDonald’s When we Travel Internationally

A few weeks ago when The Takeoff Nap published one of my satire posts, I had to chuckle at the comment from one reader. Out of all the things in the article, the part of this fake news that was most offensive was that fact that the traveler ate at McDonald’s in Switzerland.

I am not embarrassed to admit that my family eats at McDonald’s when we travel internationally. Yes, we’ve had McDonald’s in France, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, and I have no regrets. Why?

Different Menus

You never know what you will find on the menu at McDonald’s in other countries. The McDonald’s in Paris had macarons that were delicious. The McDonald’s in Interlaken, Switzerland had shrimp and rice. It’s fun to see and try some new-to-us fast food items.

Macarons at McDonald’s in Paris

Cool Locations

Not every McDonald’s is in a boring building. Some of the McDonald’s we visited were fun just to experience the ambiance. For example, this McDonald’s in Paris was a sidewalk oasis for people watching on Champs-Elysees:

McDonald’s in Paris

And we will never forget this McDonald’s we visited inside an old airplane in New Zealand:

McDonald’s in Taupo, NZ

Cheaper than Sit-down Restaurants

Of course, we want to experience local cuisine when we travel to other countries. But, eating at full-service restaurants is not budget-friendly in many countries. Replacing a meal or two with McDonald’s during a trip gives our budget some relief, especially when we’re traveling as a family of five or six people.

Fulfills Cravings

Have you ever been traveling and had a craving for familiar comfort food? Like you just have to have a plan ‘ol hamburger? McDonald’s scratches that itch for us.

Makes my Kids Happy

When we travel as a family, we don’t always agree on everything. We all make compromises, and not everyone is happy all the time. But guess what? Eating at McDonald’s makes my kids happy. And sometimes, after a long day of travel, I just want to make everyone happy with a no-brainer choice of restaurant.

Bottom Line

When it comes to travel, I’m a big proponent of “You do you!” If eating at a McDonald’s in another country (or anywhere) horrifies you, then skip it. I wouldn’t eat it every day while traveling internationally. I can only stand so much. But, for my family, McDonald’s will likely stay in the mix during our future international trips.

Have you eaten at McDonald’s or at another US fast-food chain while traveling internationally?

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