Bali Tourists Could Face One Year In Prison For Having Sex Under New Law

Indonesia is expected to approve a law this month banning pre-marital sex as well as living together prior to marriage. While Bali is generally more liberal than the rest of the country, the law would apply nationwide, including for tourists.

And while homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia per se (except in the Aceh province) same sex marriage is not legal. As a result same sex partners living together would become criminalized, under a statute that includes penalties of up to a year in prison. Insulting Indonesia’s president would also become illegal.

A previous attempt to enshrine the strict new morality laws failed after widespread protests in the country of 280 million people.

…The proposals could be signed into law by President Joko Widodo by mid-December…Its implementation was then delayed while the government consulted further and made changes to the bill.

The entire point of a Bali trip for many is ‘vacation sex’. That said, most people won’t be prosecuted, since reports to the government of violations are permitted can only be made “by a limited number of parties, such as close relatives.” However that offers significant leverage to those relatives.

(HT: Drew J)

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