Delta’s Hammer Drop On Sky Club Access Makes Sense, Goes Too Far [Roundup]

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  • American’s decision to sunset the AAirpass program is linked to this

    "There’s a general sense that American will lose business to Delta and United. It’s a test of corporates’ and TMCs’ ability to move share post-pandemic."

    — Ross Feinstein (@RossFeinstein) December 1, 2022

  • The Austin airport signed a 40 year lease with a private company to develop a second terminal. The South Terminal, which has been open for 5 years, is occupied by Frontier and Allegiant. Now the airport wants to tear down the terminal for its new expansion plan. Instead of buying out the developer they want to use eminent domain to… take land they already own. They just want to cancel the lease they signed. But if a city government does that, no lease the city signed can be trusted since they can always just cancel it – after the developer has spent 8 figures developing the property.

    The city has allocated $3 million of airport funds to the effort. That’s money that won’t go into improving the passenger experience.

  • Elvis Presley’s private plane up for auction

  • The cheapest 5 star hotel in every state

  • This is Salt Lake City, not even New York JFK terminal 4… Delta’s decision to drop the hammer on Sky Club access makes some sense! The lounges need to be a respite from the terminal to be valuable (and not just have customers be able to get in).

    However they go too far with Diamond customers, and indeed even Platinums on basic economy fares. Not everyone can get a premium Amex card. And at new club pricing costumers should be able to use the club any time – a real members club! – not just on certain airlines and fares.

    I know this change @Delta will probably negatively affect me but a line 60 ppl deep to get into B concourse l-ATL sky lounge is awful! Too many ppl given access with no addtl capacity…

    — J. D. (@ddaniels1906) December 1, 2022

  • Rock, paper, scissors and… shoot.

    My son playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with the @AmericanAir baggage handler from the plane . ✈️

    — Yossi Lazaroff 👍 (@AggieRabbi) December 1, 2022

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