Alaska Airlines Refusing To Honor Checked Baggage Delivery Guarantee

You’d think an operation called Alaska Airlines would be able to handle cooler temperatures, however Seattle has been chilly and it’s dragged down the carrier’s on-time performance. Alaska cancelled 9% of its flights on Saturday, and 27% of its flights were delayed. The overnight low was 32 degrees, and temperatures hit just 45 degrees by 1 p.m.

When the weather outside is frightful, we just want to keep you safe. In wintry weather, – is an essential and required component of the flight plan. Find out more about what it is, why it’s needed, and how long it takes →

— Seattle-Tacoma Intl. Airport (@flySEA) December 1, 2022

That’s unfortunate, but at least customers aren’t going to have to wait for their checked bags. After all, Alaska Airlines advertises a 20 minute checked baggage guarantee.

We know that instead of waiting at baggage claim you’d rather be out enjoying your destination, or settling in back at home. That’s why we are committed to getting you on your way faster, and we’ve been making that commitment for years.

Since 2010 we have put a guarantee behind our baggage delivery. If your bags are not at baggage claim within 20 minutes of your plane’s arrival at the gate, we’ll offer you a $25 discount code for use on a future Alaska Airlines flight, or 2,500 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ bonus miles.

In the rare instance that we don’t meet our 20 minute guarantee, just get ahold of us at the baggage office within 2 hours of your flight’s arrival for your discount code or miles.

Passengers have been faced with cascading lost baggage issues, and are met with this sign when they go for help letting them know they won’t be receiving compensation (sic):

Due to irregular opperations we will not be honnering our 20 minute baggage guarntee at this time.. sorry for the inconvenice.

Photo By Seattle-Based Passenger

The terms and conditions of the guarantee gives them this out:

Alaska Airlines reserves the right to suspend the baggage service guarantee in the event of airport baggage system malfunction, severe weather, or other conditions out of the airlines’ control that prohibit timely baggage delivery.

On the one hand a force majeure clause doesn’t seem unreasonable. On the other hand, this reads as ‘we guarantee to deliver bags within 20 minutes, except when we aren’t able to deliver bags in 20 minutes.’ I reached out to Alaska Airlines for comment, and will update this post if they respond.

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