Racist Burger King Claims “Ye Is Right” On Board Southwest Airlines

Two years ago Racist Burger King got banned from Jetblue, so he flew American and got kicked off of them too. Somehow, though, he managed to fly American again after that.

https://t.co/x8Wa6Wu0yv Man wearing Burger King crown yells N-word on JetBlue flight, dumps water on flight attendant – “Kick that n—-r b—h off the plane!” pic.twitter.com/snpRZGj7RN

— lovelyti (@lovelyti) October 24, 2020

That man didn’t like black people. Another Burger King took to the skies on Southwest, and this one doesn’t like Jews either – though his crown appears to be more of a knock-off rather than an officially-licensed Restaurant Brands International design.

Didn’t realize this behavior was permitted as part of the @SouthwestAir experience. These 2 also had sentiments such as “6 million wasn’t enough” & tons of swastikas plastered on their make shift “crowns”. Free speech, I get it, but also tell me how this isn’t mildly threatening. pic.twitter.com/BYMSX0KZ5a

— Anya (She/Her) (@ScienceStajner) December 6, 2022

You can see in the photos “white power” and “Ye is right” while the passenger reports the man was also displaying “6 million wasn’t enough” along with swastikas.

I’ve always been skeptical of estimates claiming just 15 – 18 million Jews in the world, but that’s probably because I know so many of them! But it’s pretty clear that Kanye had more followers on Twitter than there are Jews in the world, by a lot. I’ve occasionally appeared in media, but exercise no control, and the mass noun ‘media’ itself exercises far less control on discourse than it used to. I’ve never appeared in a Hollywood film. Maybe just leave us alone?

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