Hyatt Clarifies Andaz Minibar, As Part Of Brand Refresh: Scottsdale Property Was Just Non-Compliant

I asked Hyatt about the Andaz Scottsdale providing only complimentary water as their free minibar offering, and charging for other non-alcoholic beverages and for snacks. They told me that the brand is rethinking its minibar offering, and in the meantime “properties can determine what minibar selections are offered on a complimentary basis.”

However they’ve since followed up to clarify that – in fact – it turns out that this flexibility is only meant to apply to “the specific types of non-alcoholic beverages and snacks that reflect their destination” and they are still requiring “items beyond complimentary water.”

Thus Andaz Scottsdale is not, in fact, compliant with brand standards, and Hyatt is “working with Andaz Scottsdale to review its offerings” according to a spokesperson.

We don’t yet know what the Andaz minibar standard is going to be going forward. It may change as part of a larger refresh of the brand. According to the chain,

As one of the first hospitality brands to deliver such a differentiating guest experience, the Andaz brand is proud to offer complimentary mini bars as a brand standard. Though the specific quantities and items may vary by property, we understand this is an offering guests have come to know, love, and expect, and as such, we are pleased to continue to offer it.

While this standard was impacted during the pandemic and hotels have local flexibility within their individual markets, we will be sure that each of our Andaz hotels are living up to this brand standard fully, delivering unique items such as non-alcoholic beverages beyond water and local snacks.

Looking ahead, as a result of continuing to listen to our guests and members, we are currently working to reimagine the Andaz minibar experience to better suit the needs of today’s travelers and to highlight local purveyors to tailor minibar provisions to reflect both its hotel and destination. Leaning even further into celebrating a sense of place that each Andaz hotel is known for, we look forward to providing additional updates around the Andaz brand, as part of a larger Andaz brand refresh.

I’m curious to see the refresh, and hope it doesn’t amount to ‘owners can do as they wish while capitalizing and degrading the brand’ (my view of the Marriott model). In the meantime, however, whatever local flexibility hotels are being given doesn’t extent to not offering snacks at all. Water alone doesn’t cut it.

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