Passengers Toe Nails Start Scratching At Your Arm. What Do You Do?

When the passenger in front of you drapes their long hair over your seat back screen, your choice are scissors, gum, or coffee. But what do you do when a passenger pushes their bare feet through your arm rest and starts scratching your arm?

To be clear, I’d first say “excuse me” but someone that’s doing this may not be embarrassed when called out for doing it. More drastic measures may be necessary, as some comments on that photo suggested while I add others myself.

  • Use a blanket as a shield between your arm and their foot
  • Kiss their feet
  • Sneeze on their feet
  • Dump bottle of water (or soda) on their foot
  • Draw lewd body parts on their foot
  • Stand up and loudly ask, to no one in particular, “what is that smell?”

If you had to take matters into your own hands, what would you do?

(HT: T.P.)

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